the best pasta of my life.

Today is August 3nd, which means it's been almost eight months since I had the best pasta of my life and I still can't get over it. 

It was a cold night of December and I was walking around in one of my favourite cities of the world, Florence, when we decided to go eat at this tiny trattoria by the dome called "Le Antiche Carrozze" (italian for "the old carriages"). The place was full but we still managed to get a table for five by the fire, and as soon as the server came by, we where ready to order. Me, a pasta lover, a bolognese lover, a wine lover, ordered a plate of "penne pasta with antiche bolognese" and a glass of Chardonnay, best-thing-ever.

The pasta was perfectly cooked, al dente, and the sauce was delicious. It was made from pomodoro antico (which would translate to "vintage tomato", but it's actually a special kind of organic tomatoes), meat and peas. Simple but extremely delicious. Service was great, wine was great, and they brought a whole bowl of parmesan cheese for each one of us because it's Italy. 

If you ever go to Florence, make sure to stop but this beautiful trattoria and please, have some "penne pasta with antiche bolognese" on my name. 

In the mean time, here I leave you with some pictures of that night in lovely Florence

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