twenty two things i learned at twenty two.

21 was a great year for me. I grew as a human being, I started being more authentic, less self-conscious and finally started to work on my passions (blogblogblog). A lot was learned, thankfully I became a tiny bit wiser, and now I am ready and really excited for everything this new year will bring. I'll do my best to practice everything I've learned and make the most of this 22nd year of life. Stay tuned to see how it works out ­čĺľ

Here I leave you 22 thing I learned in 22 years, hope some of it can help you grow a little bit stonger and a lot more happy ✨­čîł
  1. Read as much as you can - by reading you can travel, meet new places and people, fall in love, cry, laugh, grow. Reading is a wonderful way to scape your reality, and for a couple of minutes, immerse yourself in a world of fantasy, love, and adventure. Books can teach you some of the greatest lessons, and always have a word of wisdom that fits perfectly with your reality. 
  2. Invest in traveling - no shoe, bag or technology is worth more than traveling (not even that black Balenciaga bag you have been dreaming for ages). Travel every time you get a chance, and when you do, don’t be a tourist. Meet people, get to know their culture authentically, embrace the nature, admire the art. If you let it, traveling will teach you great things, not only about the world and it’s people, but yourself. 
  3. Your thoughts and feelings become your reality - simple as that. I finally understood that our thoughts manifest our reality and that our feelings determine our thoughts. So feel good, think good, live good. 
  4. People will treat you the way you allow them to - yes, yes, yes !!! You set the tone for your relationships, you are the only one who can assure you respect and love. Take care of your self, don’t let anyone treat you wrongly and please, do not ever conform to someone that loves you less than what you deserve. 
  5. Forgiveness helps you more than those whom you forgive -  don’t hold grudges, forgive & forget. By forgiving you will stop hurting and start healing, let go of everything that doesn't make you happy and learn to embrace the bad in your life as free lessons you got from the universe.
  6. "Your attitude towards life will determine life's attitude towards you" - be always positive, irradiate happiness, be compassionate, love others, share your life, smile more, dance, run, fight for your dreams, absorb the beautiful nature that surrounds you, appreciate the stars, watch the moon shine on you. 
  7. Eating healthy can be easy and delicious if you are willing to cook - some of the most delicious foods I've tried this year are vegan… super healthy and super savory. Learn to cook, take care of your body and start eating healthy…. Don’t forget that “you are what you eat” 
  8. The more grateful you are, the more things you'll receive to be grateful for - give thanks for everything you have, little or small, be grateful for everything… the sun, the moon, the sky, your food and your bed. Don’t take anything for granted and feel privileged, because you most definitely are. 
  9. Working out can heal your soul and clear your mind - this is my holy grail. Blast loud music and start running, that’s all you need to clear your mind and help your soul heal. To me, running has to be my favorite way to set myself free. 
  10. Work on your passions as much as you can - this is the best gift you can do to yourself. We are on this earth to grow as human beings, and help other’s grow as well, so do exactly this. Explore your passions, work on them and spend as much time as you can doing something that you love and are passionate about, that is happiness. 
  11. You get what you give - as cliche as it sounds, that’s true. You get what you give, this applies to your friends, family, coworkers, the universe… so do good and give good to everyone, because you are doing a good for yourself. 
  12. Lose your expectations - with expectations come disappointments, so do not expect anything from anyone and life will always surprise you for better. 
  13. Hurting can transform you for good - hurting hurts (obvious much) but this is the grates time for you to grow and become better. Hurting will start you up in a process of self-transformation and it’s up to you to make the most of this time, to learn and become wiser and happier. 
  14. Losing someone you deeply love will teach you to love yourself - yup. Right when you thought you would not be able to live without that person, you realize that your life depends only on yourself and you learn to be happy with who you are. 
  15. Family will always be the most important thing - family will always be there for you, no matter what, it will be the only constant in your life. Love them, treasure them, be nice, help each other, stay united, show them appreciation, and do not ever put anyone before them (not a friend, boyfriend, anyone). 
  16. Balance your energy - energy is key. Balance your energy, check your gin and yang, work on your karma and try to flow only on high vibrations. This is something I’m really passionate about and I’ll be working a lot on this, so stay tuned for future posts. 
  17. Life changes all the time, it's uncertain, and the best thing I can do is set myself free and don't try to control everything - self-explanatory. Not so simple, but very much needed. 
  18. Be your authentic self as much as you can - and you will start living your happiest life. 
  19. Now is always the right time to start working on your dreams - don’t make excuses, the time is now. Even if you are afraid, even if you don’t feel ready, even if you don’t have enough time, start working on your dreams, become better at it and enjoy the journey. Don’t wait to have everything figured out to start working on your dream life, built it. 
  20. Choose you - make yourself a priority. As selfish as it might sound, think about it like this… on airplanes, they always tell you to, in case of emergency, secure your oxygen mask first before helping anyone else first. If you are not ok, you won't be able to help anyone on their journey, so make yourself a priority, take care of yourself so you can look out for others.
  21. You are responsible for your own happiness - there is a quote that I love that basically says that “you don’t get to choose every circumstance, but you do get to choose how to react to it” so start focusing on the positive aspects of each moment and make the most out of every situation.  
  22. Love without fear - do not be afraid to love, even if you have been hurt before. Love is love, love is powerful and love is magical. Being afraid wont prevent you from getting hurt, so stop being afraid and just let yourself be free to feel what you do.

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